Kailash teaches Hatha Yoga in the Sivananda tradition (as taught by Swami Vishnudevananda) around the globe and is currently based in Hove, UK. If you’d like book a spot in one of his classes then please use the booking form

Hatha yoga as taught in the Sivananda tradition takes a classical approach and combines asana (posture), pranayama (breath work) and relaxation in order to bring a state of balance and well-being to the whole system; physical, mental and spiritual.

Kailash has spent a number of years teaching and practicing in traditional yoga ashrams in India and has the ability to guide you in your practice no matter your level of experience.

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What is Sivananda Yoga?

Sivananda Yoga aims to bring health and wellness to the practitioner on all levels – physical, mental and spiritual. Swami Sivananda was a proponent of the synthesis of all 4 major paths of yoga:

  1. Karma yoga (selfless service)
  2. Bhakti yoga (devotional practice)
  3. Raja yoga (practices used to control the mind such as meditation, pranayama, and asana)
  4. Jnana yoga (the intellectual study of both scripture and Self).

The approach of Sivananda yoga can be summarised as the practice of 5 principles:

  1. Proper exercise: Asanas (physical postures)
  2. Proper breathing: Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  3. Proper relaxation: Savasana (a specific asana considered optimal for relaxation)
  4. Proper diet: Vegetarian satvic food
  5. Positive thinking and meditation